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Crisis Facilitation

As an ADR professional, often times we are asked for advice and guidance on how to resolve a dispute that is well beyond just two people. Sometimes these disputes are broader than one issue and require group dialogue to problem solve, brainstorm, and to help formulate and determine multi-faceted short/long-term solutions as well as strategic plans. The disputes or issues at hand could be systemic to an organization, city or community. On the other hand, the dispute or issue could also be newly emerging or set in a crisis scenario. Often times, there is no clear dispute and your work could be merely preventative in nature. Whatever the impetus, will you be prepared to respond and assist if you are called?

Participants will be engaged in group work based upon real life scenarios and will be asked to problem solve and use techniques discussed to develop a course of action for the group crisis/problem. This workshop will require a lot of interaction and team work to develop a plan of action for the assigned task for each group. It will be both fun and informative.